Flat Plastering • Ornamental Plastering • Historical Restoration

Our Specialty Areas include:

    • Ornamental Plastering

    • Plaster Moldings

    • Decorative Plastering / Finishes

    • Venetian Plastering

    • Cornice Work

    • Mold Making

    • Profile Making

    • Fire Damage Repair

    • Plaster Patching

    • Historic Restoration and Preservation

    • Lathing

    • Flat Plastering

    • Exterior Plastering / Finishes

    • Stair Backs

    • Stucco Projects

    • Veneer Plastering

    • Water Damage Repair

    • Flat Patching


Primarily, we take on Chicago plastering projects in the areas of ornamental plastering, venetian plastering, historic plastering restoration and historic preservation. We have been know to take on projects outside of Chicago for other major historic restoration projects. We’re also happy to provide an estimate for residential plastering work, exterior plastering and stucco projects.


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